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If you need an experienced, strategic veterinary business consultant to take your veterinary hospital or veterinary business to a new level, Peak Veterinary Consulting is the ideal choice. With decades of experience in the veterinary industry, Dr. Wendy Hauser brings real-world, in-the-trenches experience and a proven track record of success to help your business thrive and grow.


Veterinary Business Consultant Services Options

Peak Veterinary Consulting offers a broad array of consulting services for three key audiences:

  • Veterinary practices & hospitals
  • Emerging companies offering or launching veterinary and animal health products or services
  • Established companies that need to convey educational veterinary information

For these various audiences, Dr. Wendy Hauser provides a variety of integrated consulting services designed to accomplish the following goals:

  • Improve operations, teamwork & client relations at veterinary hospitals
  • Find the right voice in the industry to help prospective customers resonate with a new veterinary product or service
  • Facilitates introductions to key business partners
  • Provide expert content to position a company or individual as a thought leader
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Highlights of Peak Veterinary Consulting Services

Veterinary Hospital Leadership Consulting

Our consulting in the area of leadership typically assesses the current state of a veterinary hospital’s leadership, and then provides guidance on how to improve leadership skills for the veterinary team. This often includes generating a leadership development plan, as well as providing coaching and training to shore up the management team’s leadership skills and/or identify staff members with high potential for taking on leadership roles.

Veterinary Hospital Culture Consulting

A healthy company culture is the biggest single determinant of veterinary practice success. In the arena, Dr. Hauser provides a range of services. Culture-building programs typically start with an audit, followed by defining, establishing & reinforcing a positive culture, and exploring common values, team building, and accountability.

Veterinary Hospital Communication Consulting

Healthy communication & listening skills are another factor that help the health of veterinary hospital practices. Dr. Hauser uses a variety of techniques, individual coaching & workshops to help the veterinary team communicate more productively.

Veterinary Hospital Operations Consulting

When it comes to veterinary hospital operations, there’s always room for improvement – especially with a perspective that comes from outside the hospital’s team. As an experienced owner/operator of a highly successful veterinary hospital, Wendy Hauser is in a unique position to identify areas for improvement, build action plans, and help the veterinary team improve operations overall, or in areas where there are specific challenges.

Consulting for Early-stage Animal Health Companies

Start-up and early-stage companies face a particular set of challenges that are more easily navigated with a seasoned consultant to guide the process of refining and launch new products or services. Dr. Hauser’s early-stage company consulting runs the gamut from product development and setting the marketing infrastructure to launch and post-launch product or service promotion.

Veterinary Education Content Development

Dr. Hauser is a gifted writer & communicator about the many & varied aspects of the veterinary industry. She is available to create custom curated content or help clients re-purpose existing content for enhanced thought leadership position for emerging or established veterinary industry companies.


Our Consulting Credentials

Dr. Wendy Hauser’s depth & breadth of experience is what allows her to provide such powerful, effective consulting. She has decades of experience as a practicing veterinarian, experience as a pet insurance executive, and a strong background providing technical veterinary information to sales teams. She also has an extensive network of industry contacts due to her involvement with and service to many professional veterinary organizations & associations.

Dr. Wendy Hauser | Peak Veterinary Consulting

Workshops & Speaking Opportunities

Wendy Hauser offers a wide variety of workshops and regularly speaking on veterinary topics of interest to veterinary teams, and veterinary businesses.

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I have collaborated with Dr. Wendy Hauser of Peak Veterinary Consulting on a variety of educational programs and initiatives to support our veterinary colleagues and the veterinary industry in general. Dr. Hauser has always been helpful and gone the extra mile to ensure success. Her knowledge, business acumen, and networking abilities help her stay on top of changes in the veterinary industry, which allows her to provide invaluable insights to improve veterinary practices. When Dr. Hauser commits to a project, she finishes deadlines early, delivers on her promises, and is a trusted consultant who gets results.

Sheri L. Berger, DVM DACVO CEO / Chief Visionary Officer VetVine®
Sheri L. Berger, DVM

Despite my own expertise in practice management and my husband’s MBA and experience in small business and corporate management, we quickly realized during the planning stages that we needed help launching our new veterinary hospital. On one of the first phone calls with Dr. Wendy Hauser, she immediately connected us with various subject matter experts who could help with financial modeling, accounting, legal, and financing. Dr. Hauser guided us to a conservative and realistic business model that would resonate with lenders. We are now open, and we are exceeding projections and fulfilling our value proposition. We can attest to the fact that Dr. Hauser’s services were instrumental in making our hospital a reality, and just as importantly, in making it a success.

Seneca and Anthony Guillen Clover Basin Animal Hospital, Longmont, CO
Seneca and Anthony Guillen

Dr. Wendy Hauser with Peak Veterinary Consulting is awesome! She has helped me formulate ideas of appropriate schedules to maximize income opportunities as well as simple tips which have helped us schedule more dental cleanings. I have turned to her at times with issues about employees, and Dr. Hauser has helped guide me with appropriate ways to document and handle these situations. She always sends follow up notes with all of the things that we have discussed as well as additional suggestions. I highly recommend Dr. Wendy Hauser with Peak Veterinary Consulting. She will help make your life simpler!

Dr. Jacki Bert Veterinarian/ Owner 4 Paws Animal Clinic
Dr. Jacki Bert

Dr. Wendy Hauser of Peak Veterinary Consulting has changed our lives at PDX BIOTECH. She incisively identifies strategic opportunities for us and provides clear recommendations along with the specifics of how we can execute the chosen strategy. Dr. Hauser’s commitment to seeking out the industry trends and her industry network has been of immeasurable benefit to us. I highly recommend Dr. Hauser and Peak Veterinary Consulting to anyone seeking to build or grow a veterinary-related business in these fast-changing times.

David McClure, PhD, JD, RAC Founder, PDX BIOTECH
David McClure, PhD, JD, RAC

Dr. Wendy Hauser and I first became acquainted when I hired her as a relief doctor in our practice in Castle Pines. Our experience with her has been rewarding at each turn. She feels like part of our team and each time she interacts with our staff, she makes us better. Wendy is tuned into the veterinary field, is always informative, and is candid about areas where we can improve. Wendy has become a trusted advisor and even when she isn’t working for us, she is sending us ideas and connecting us with people in the industry that have led to growth and innovation in our hospital. She really understands clients and she always has her fingers on the pulse of veterinary medicine. We are glad to be associated with such a great veterinary advocate and doctor.

Jonathan James Owner and Practice Administrator, Animal Care Center of Castle Pines
Jonathan James

Dr. Hauser came highly recommended to me as a veterinary business consultant who could assist me with starting an independent, small animal hospital. Having spent my career focused on medicine, Dr. Hauser was instrumental in guiding me through the process of developing financing, finding architects, negotiating with vendors, and developing a budget. Dr. Hauser’s vast experience as a veterinarian and practice owner yielded very specific advice about running a practice, such as protocols, best care guidelines, and employee staffing and engagement. In addition, Dr. Hauser visited our hospital once we opened to help with communication and team building, allowing us to function as a cohesive unit. Dr. Hauser is my trusted advisor, bringing her experience in the trenches of medicine, seemingly endless energy, compassion, and attention to detail to our professional relationship.

Thad R. Respet VMD Veterinarian/Owner, Sky Canyon Veterinary Hospital
Thad R. Respet VMD

Dr. Wendy Hauser’s direct experience running a veterinary hospital – combined with her consulting experience – allows her to provide leading edge expertise. From supporting the wellness of the veterinary team to improving practice culture and guiding the leadership, she is a knowledge leader on veterinary practice business and management. Dr. Hauser is a consummate professional whose responsiveness, superior knowledge of subject matter, and clear communication make her the veterinary business consultant of choice.

Kathy Naum Manager, Communications & Professional Enhancement, Alberta Veterinary Medical Association
Kathy Naum

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