About Dr. Wendy Hauser, President & Founder
Peak Veterinary Consulting

Dr. Wendy Hauser, founder & president, of Peak Veterinary Consulting, a metro Denver-based veterinary practice management consulting firm

Dr. Wendy Hauser, founder & president, of Peak Veterinary Consulting, a metro Denver-based veterinary practice management consulting firm

The president and founder of metro Denver-based Peak Veterinary Consulting, Dr. Wendy Hauser brings decades of in-the-trenches, real-world experience owning and operating a highly successful veterinary practice to her veterinary practice management consulting services.

Dr. Hauser consults with veterinarians and veterinary practice managers nationwide to help them improve the management, operations, and profitability of their veterinary practices and veterinary hospitals.

Specifically, she works on resolution of problems and issues that are impeding the growth of a veterinary practice, which typically leads to:

  • Improved operations
  • Improved customer and patient experience
  • Improved employee satisfaction and improved veterinary team collaboration
  • Improved profitablity

Learn About What Makes Dr. Wendy Hauser Unique
As A Veterinary Practice Management Consultant

1) 25 Years of Clinical Experience as a Veterinarian

  • Dr Wendy Hauser has founded, owned, operated, and sold her own successful veterinary practice, as well has serving as a managing DVM and associate veterinarian at other veterinary clinics.

2) Real-World Experience as a Veterinarian

  • Dr. Hauser understands, and has direct experience, in all aspects of a smoothly running veterinary practice – from business planning and inventory management to staff management, client relationships, building new profit areas & more.

  • She understands how to create a successful start-up hospital, encompassing loan procurement, functional hospital flow, equipment selection, marketing, staff recruitment and development, and how to establish the fundamentals – including culture that leads to realization of owner goals (such as outstanding client and patient care, job satisfaction, and profitability).

3) Expert in Veterinary Practice Management Best Practices

  • Dr. Hauser knows, understands, and stays current on best practices in veterinary practice management.

  • These best practices are applied to the challenges her clients face.

4) A Veterinary Practice Management Consultant Who’s Also A DVM, With a DVM’s Unique Perspectice

  • Being a DVM & former owner/operator of a veterinary practice helps Dr. Hauser speak the language, and know the concerns & challenges veterinarians face, and what keeps them awake at night.

5) A Down-to-earth, business-savvy approach

  • Dr. Hauser starts by addressing obvious “disconnects” that can immediately lead to operational improvements.

Dr. Wendy Hauser – A Long and Successful Career In Veterinary Medicine and The Successful Operation of Veterinary Hospitals

Prior to founding Peak Veterinary Management Consulting, Dr. Wendy Hauser:

  • Spent 10 years as a doctor/owner managing a start-up veterinary hospital that she owned, operated, and sold for five times its net value

  • Served as the managing DVM of Coal Creek Veterinary Hospital in Centennial, Colo. for five years

  • Served as an associate veterinarian for three veterinary hospitals over the course of seven years

  • Worked as a Technical Services Veterinarian for Merial, Ltd., where she provided scientific resources, and partnered with and coached a team of eight sales representatives. She also delivered 100+ presentations on various medical and business topics related to veterinary practice management. In this role, she also served as an expert resource and liaison to Oregon State College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State College of Veterinary Medicine, Oregon and Washington State Veterinary Medical Associations, and more.

She is the co-author of: The Veterinarian’s Guide To Healthy Pet Plans: How to Design, Implement and Measure Your Way To Preventive Care Success, Boone, D., Hauser, W., LuLu Publishing, January 2015.

Dr. Hauser graduated  with a B.S. in Agriculture; Animal Science Major, from Oklahoma State University in 1984. Dr. Hauser earned a DVM degree from the Oklahoma State College of Veterinary Medicine in 1988.

Professional Organizations, Affiliations,
and Industry Support Activities Of Dr. Wendy Hauser

National Veterinary Associates (NVA) Medical Advisory Board,

March 2010-February 2012; Chairwoman, September 2010-February 2011

A national board comprised of eight invited Managing DVMs of NVA owned hospitals.  The mission of the board is to work with the NVA leadership team to help shape the medical directives of the corporation and constituent hospitals.

North American Business Association (NABA) Veterinary Business Group Member

2007- March 2013

NABA is an independent, by-invitation veterinary business group comprised of eight owners representing 13 hospitals in the United States and Canada.  Group meetings occur for three days preceding the annual AAHA meeting, as well as business collaboration and activities occurring throughout the year.

American Animal Hospital Association

March 2015-March 2016: Vice-President

March 2014-Present: AAHA Foundation, Chair

March 2014-March 2015:  Board Liaison, Veterinary Informatics Committee

March 2015-present: Board Liaison,Membership Accreditation Committee

December 2012-March 2015: Board of Directors, Veterinarian Director

2015: AAHA Yearly Conference: invited to presented business topics relating to culture, client bonding and adherence to two different NABA Groups; moderated timely topics discussion.

October 2011- March 2014: AAHA NABA Business Group  

Invited to participate on a special project task force convened by AAHA executives.  The purpose of the task force was the organization and introduction of AAHA business group modeled after NABA.  In this capacity Dr. Hauser served as:

-Advisor regarding the structure and function of the groups.

-Panel member, 2012 AAHA Annual Conference, Denver, 2012

-Group Facilitator responsible for the formation and success of one of 3 groups, including all communication, collaboration, organization and   implementation of a two day meeting in March 2013

2014: AAHA Yearly Conference Session Co-presenter: “Mastering the Exam Room”, Moderated timely topics discussion, Veterinary Think Factory Table Moderator

2013: AAHA Regional CE “Becoming The Indispensable Associate” Focus Group and Session Learning Facilitator and Presenter

2013: AAHA Yearly Conference Session Presenter: Veterinary Think Factory, Big Ideas Exchange; moderated three round table discussions

2011: AAHA Hospital of the Year Finalist

2011: Yearly Conference Development Committee: Management Education Workgroup

Colorado Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA)

July 2012-September 2014: Facilitator, “Power of Ten” new graduate leadership training program

In addition to serving as program facilitator, Dr. Hauser was responsible for course content and design, as well as specific speaker procurement for the year-long program.  She was invited to present the leadership training module at the initial group meetings in 2012 and 2013.

Federal Trade Commission Pet Medications Public Workshop Panelist

October 2012: Dr. Hauser was invited to represent the general veterinary practitioner on the “Prescription Portability Panel” in Washington, D.C.

Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Fall 2012; Spring 2015 Clinical Coach – Dr. Hauser served as a Junior Practicum Communications Coach.

Experience, Credentials and Expertise of Dr. Wendy Hauser

As a result of her many years operating and managing veterinary hospitals, Dr. Hauser has a wealth of experience to share with her veterinary practice management consulting clients, including:

  • Business and financial management (setting fees, profit center development and analysis, monthly review and analysis, cost containment)

  • Client relations and conflict management

  • Culture (development and growth of healthy hospital culture)

  • Human Resources (recruitment, training, performance reviews, termination maintenance of all applicable employee documentation benefits: selection, review and employee distribution)

  • Inventory and Equipment (selecting, ordering, pricing, vendor relationships and price negotiations)

  • Leadership Team Recruitment

  • Marketing (competitor analysis, branding)

  • Medical Policy (development, education, enactment, and review)

  • Mentoring (emphasis on Associate Veterinarian mentoring)

  • Strategic Planning

 “As a veterinarian, I am passionate about the success and sustainability of the individual veterinary hospital owner/practitioner. By partnering and consulting with veterinary hospitals, my goal is to guide veterinary hospital owners to a more profitable and professionally gratifying business model. I derive great satisfaction in helping owners transform their veterinary hospitals into exceptionally well performing veterinary health care centers.”

– Dr. Wendy Hauser, President & Founder, Peak Veterinary Consulting

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