Veterinary Practice Management Consulting Services
From Peak Veterinary Consulting

If you need an experienced, passionate & business-savvy veterinary practice management consultant, Dr. Wendy Hauser, the founder and president of Peak Veterinary Consulting, is an ideal choice. With decades of experience as a practicing veterinarian, and as the owner or medical director of successful veterinary practices, Dr. Hauser brings real-world, in-the-trenches experience and a proven track record of success to put to work for your veterinary practice or hospital. Below is a list of veterinary practice management consulting services from Peak Veterinary Consulting.

Veterinary Practice Management Consulting Options

You may choose to consult with Dr. Hauser through:

  • On-site Veterinary Practice Management Consultations
  • Phone Coaching, Mentoring, and Veterinary Practice Management Consultations
  • Veterinary Hospital Seminars, Workshops & Team Training on various aspects of veterinary practice manage (standard or custom-designed)
  • Speaking Engagements covering a variety of topics related to improving operations, teamwork, the customer and patient experience, and more…at veterinary practices and veterinary hospitals

Veterinary Practice Management Consulting Topic Areas
Offered By Peak Veterinary Consulting

Dr. Wendy Hauser offers veterinary practice management consulting on virtually every aspect of operating a successful veterinary practice or veterinary hospital. Here’s an overview of the general areas in which Dr. Hauser consults.

Business Management & Financial Analysis

  • Evaluation of expenses and profit centers
  • Education of leadership team about Key Performance Indicators and the market forces that influence them (internal and external)
  • How to track metrics
  • How to benchmark your hospital results against established industry values
  • How to identify missed opportunities through in-depth financial analysis
  • How to set appropriate fees and how to appropriately increase fees


Client Relations
Services Client Relations

  • Create a culture of exceptional customer service through communications training, situational awareness, and developing critical conversation skills
  • Implementation of policies and procedures that support a consistent patient care message
  • Education of “first line” team members about their role and responsibilities in the success of the hospital
  • Phone skills training and initial contact training

Cultural Audits & Team Development

  • Building team trust
  • Accountability
  • Communications skills
  • Establishing a positive culture
  • Defining shared common values
  • Building cohesive teams


Services Dentistry ProgramsDentistry Program Development

  • How to develop a veterinary dentistry care program and profit center
  • How to convey the value of veterinary dental services to the hospital team and to clients
  • Where veterinary dental services fit into overall patient health and hospital success


Examination Room Operational Improvments

  • How to create a positive first impression
  • Client communication skills
  • Training to develop a clear, consistent medical message
  • Methods to enhance adherence (compliance) in the examination room
  • Efficient and appropriate work force utilization
  • How to create and present treatment plans
  • Discussing finances with clients


Human Resources Consulting & HR Tools

  • Employee manuals
  • Job descriptions
  • Performance evaluation forms
  • Individual employee development plans
  • Effective staff scheduling


Inventory Management

  • Physical inventory management
  • How to select products for inventory
  • Pros and cons of a veterinary hospital web-based pharmacy vs. in-house pharmacy
  • Pricing of inventory items
  • Consistent messaging of inventory items in the exam room



  • How to create a “brand”
  • How to create consistency around your brand
  • How to do a competitor marketing analysis
  • How to effectively develop internal marketing campaigns
  • Development of client acquisition and retention programs
  • How to implement Preventive Care Plans as a marketing tool


Services Operating RoomOperations

  • How to maximize your efficiency through smart surgical and exam room scheduling
  • How to create consistent policies, procedures and tools to ensure the delivery of a uniform veterinary experience for the patient and owner
  • How to positively impact teamwork through communication training, trust exercises, and team building exercises

New Service Area Development (Veterinary Preventive Care)

  • How to design a successful and attractive preventive care program, with emphasis on training and outcome based metrics, both financial and compliance based

For more information on veterinary practice management services, pricing, and options from Peak Veterinary Consulting, contact Dr. Wendy Hauser